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Maintaining material assets - recommended workflow?

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Re: Maintaining material assets - recommended workflow?

Unread postby irradiance_cash » Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:37 pm


thanks for the anwser, will take a look at it when i have the tryout version. Is that possible not only with objects but also with materials ?
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Re: Maintaining material assets - recommended workflow?

Unread postby xilofoton » Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:42 pm


Yes, because the context system in Clarisse is free, so doesn't forced by factory where you should put material nodes, where object nodes etc., so you can create one library for materials, each material node network into a context(context is a folder/directory like in a file system).... do an another for objects, or a combined one with full assets including the textures/materials/fur definition/etc. for each. So in a context you can have a forest, in the subcontexts are the trees, inside each of them them are the models of the branches leaves etc, and a context for the snading nodes etc.

Rather than open a new Clarisse, you can actually reference your entire asset library clarisse file at the root level of your project, and open an explorer or browser and a quick view in a new window, lock them together in a same selection slot and you have similar to the preset shelf in modo but with live 3d preview for objects, instant node network view for materials, texture view for textures etc. For material lookdev preview, you can have a context with any test object(or scene or whatever), and just drag and drop the rightest shading node with Ctrl to it...
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