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Using Scope

Unread postby atnreg » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:54 pm


The new Scope feature is great and seems to work fine but as a cosmetic bug the 'Intersection' gives union and vice versa :)
But it seems it is not as clear as I thought because it seemed to work swapped in displacement but now with materials it seems to work correctly.
Maybe we just need tutorial videos for it (and MANY other new things) :)

BTW, it would be nice to have Difference as well for the Scope Mode :)
Edit: Actually you can get that efect by using 'inside out' on one Scope and not on other when using intersection (i.e. currently 'union') :)

Edit2: I noticed that Scope calculation can get heavy but it does not show in Progress View so the only way to know it is still calculating is to check CPUs usages and the little orange dot on the right bottom corner and wait until it turns green. Could you please add this to Progress View as well? :)

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