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New Clarisse iFX 3.0 SP8!

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New Clarisse iFX 3.0 SP8!

Unread postby release_team » Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:27 pm


We're very pleased to release Clarisse iFX 3.0 SP8!
As usual, you can download this release from your “Download Area”.

What's new since Clarisse iFX 3.0 SP7:

New Features and Enhancements
User Interface
  • Added the ability to edit attributes that are connected to external items. (#5835)
  • CRender now allows to choose whether to use CRender or CNode license if you have both of them. Using the new -use_license cnode|crender option you now force crender to use crender or cnode license. If not available, crender will quit. (#6380)
  • licinfo licensing tool now allows to retrieve licensing information in XML. Calling "licinfo server:port licensing_info" will output xml data displaying the available licenses and for each license the currently connected clients. You must update your ilise license server to latest SP8 version to be able to use this feature. (#6240)
  • Several usability improvements and bug fixes in Render Region tool:
    • It is now possible to draw a region starting from outside the image.
    • Fixed resize cursors being triggered too far away from the region edges when zoomed in. Also, when zoomed in and if the region was very small, it was impossible to resize width only, height only, or move the region.
    • Fixed the fact that the region could not be resized along an edge if that edge was exactly on an image border.
    • When moving a region, it can now move freely. Previously, movements were limited along image edges, depending on initial mouse down position.
    • Removed the region transparent blue filling when hovering it, to allow seeing the image unaltered.
    • Known legacy limitations:
      • After resizing the region, its width or height might grow or shrink by a few pixels on unwanted sides.
      • It is not possible to create a render region in the overscan.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in AOV store objects, causing a slowdown during project import/referencing. (#6339)
  • Metadata can now be added to images and layers. This information is written to .exr files when saving an image. Multiple values can be set using the form: name=value. Strings must be enclosed by double quotes. Eg. red=23 vec=1.1 2.3 5.7 comment="$PDIR" (#6078)
  • Greatly improved the speed of the dirtiness propagation when changing frame. (#6510)
  • File naming when 'split aovs in separate files' is enabled has been improved. AOV names will be found appended to the first token to the left of the frame number when delimited by a '.'. For example: an exr file named path/file.#### at frame 0 will be resolved to path/file_aov.0000.exr (#6445)
  • Clarisse can now read environment variables that contain '='. (#6558)
  • CNode now evaluates relative paths in arguments (project file, -output and -deep_output) based on current working directory (where CNode is launched from). Added new build-in variables: CLARISSE_BIN_DIR, CLARISSE_USER_CONFIG_DIR, IX_CWD. (#5695)
  • Fixed an issue where color space was being incorrectly applied in overscan regions of layer files. (#5778)
  • Material override now works with volume material (#6288)
  • The physical SSS shader is now working correctly with bump and normal maps. (#6309)
  • Fixed potential issues that could occur during the raytracing of volumes and that could lead to infinite loops. (#6321)
  • Fixed a crash introduced in 3.0 SP7 that occurred when assigning a volume material via the override material of a combiner/scatterer. (#6345)
  • Fixed a bug in the physical hair material that was causing artefacts when motion blur was active. (#6453)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the number of shading groups was changing on an object that was referenced by a shading layer (#6475)
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue with Search widget focus on linux. (#6233)
  • Fixed a glitch when validating an edit field using the keyboard pad enter key or tab key. The focus now goes to the next edit field as expected. (#5583)
  • Fixed display issues with Clarisse on windows 7 with Aero activated. (#6489)
  • Fixed a CNode crash when using ix.save_project() on a new unsaved project. (#6388)
  • Fixed a crash with Alembic Bundle that occurred when at least one geometry is empty. (#6407)
  • Raytrace offset attribute is now animatable. (#6409)
  • Inherit Transform attribute set to false is now always taken into account with Alembic file when Pivot mode is set to Use Attributes. (#6428)
  • A new displacement option enables to specify on which geometry (base or deformed) the microfacets triangulation is performed. It is available for all types of geometry except for Alembic bundles. (#6291)
  • Alembic bundles doesn't propagate dirtiness anymore while changing frame until they have been loaded. (#6509)
Attribute Editor
  • Script sub-widget no longer grabs focus when its title changes. (#6216)

SDK Changes
  • Added a new virtual method to ModuleSceneObject returning the number of shading groups for a specified sub object.
  • CtxHelpers::get_shading() function is now returning false when it detects an issue while accessing to a shading group (#6475)
  • Added a method to ModuleObject to retrieve the value of an object variable given the name of this variable. (#6506)
  • Added a new scene instancer module in the SDK examples. It enables to scatter a list of geometries according to the value of a specified property on these geometries, and the value of a specified property on the geometry support points. A geometry is instantiated on points which have the same property value than its property. Scale and rotation of instances can be read from two other specified properties. (#6505)
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