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How can this noise be cured?

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Re: How can this noise be cured?

Unread postby gjennings » Wed May 16, 2018 1:41 pm

Hi Refik,

if you use the Alembic tree (faster method), you cannot use the "Primitive Center" option. You will have to stick to "Random" distribution, toggle on "Use Density" and play with the Density value. This method is not precise but will work for far away trees (more flexible too as you can increase or decrease the density).

Hope this helps - I apologize for the confusion :D
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Re: How can this noise be cured?

Unread postby Refik » Wed May 16, 2018 4:23 pm

Thanks gjennings!

In general, this is all too complicated. There are too many unnecessary movements over ordinary trees. I'm already afraid to imagine how this can manifest itself in other similar situations (where a complex multiple geometry is).

We often create our animated trees in SpeedTree (sending them to Alembic) - and naturally we do not have to look for different solutions to such simple problems - they simply do not arise)

We just import these alembics into the redshift and do not have any similar problems with this ..) And this applies to any such heavy geometry.

I just look deeper into this problem, you have already explained to me from what it is happening (it's not in the trees if you do not take this particular case) - and I understand that this will be a big problem for us unfortunately ..

Now I'm just afraid to use Clarisse in big serious projects (but I really want to)

But in any case, thank you all for having dealt with me together on this. I hope that in due course developers will find a solution how to optimize this, and I'm looking forward to it )
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