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Too large render bucket sizes

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Too large render bucket sizes

Unread postby henrikmk » Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:32 pm


I'm playing around with PLE and am amazed.

However, I was wondering how the render bucket sizes are calculated and if they can be controlled, like in some other renderers.

If I'm rendering an image with a small area that has really demanding shading (to reduce noise), Clarisse might assign just one bucket to that area and can spend 15-30 minutes chewing on it with just one core, while my other 35 cores on my Dual Xeon workstation are doing absolutely nothing, because they have finished the rest of the image.

Then also, each new refinement in display quality cannot be started until the previous has finished, again causing several periods during the render, where the CPU is doing almost nothing.

I use the setting of ''Always Compute Full Quality Image' to avoid interruption in the render.

Clarisse can easily render a difficult small area with all cores, when using region render, so it is technically possible.

Overall, due to the sequential nature of the bucket rendering, unrelated parts are simply waiting for each other to finish, and it can dramatically increase render time.

Will Angie fix any of this?
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Re: Too large render bucket sizes

Unread postby mdkai » Fri Jan 08, 2021 3:17 pm


The bucketsize is fixed but adaptive until the last bucket is given. However i never saw any engine to be able to subsplit a bucket that was already assigned. Size of the bucket is relative to the size if its smaller to fit in the usual 32 pixel.

"Always Compute Full Quality" does not avoid interruptions but actually removes the stopping process at less then 50% zoom and instead evaluate more then 1/2 the resolution refinement.
If you render with the imageview make sure to disable the refinement at all, as it just extends the time to be finish.

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