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New Clarisse iFX 3.6 SP1!

New Clarisse iFX 3.6

New Clarisse iFX 3.6 SP1!

Unread postby release_team » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:47 pm

Dear Clarisse users,

We are releasing Clarisse iFX 3.6 SP1 today!

Note: Clarisse iFX 3.6 SP1 is VFX Reference Platform CY2017 compliant.
For more information on VFX Reference Platform please refer to:

As usual, you can download this release from your “Download Area”

What's new in 3.6 SP1:

New Features and Enhancements
  • Added support for the NVidia OptiX AI-driven denoiser:
    - In the 3d view interactive viewport
    - In the final render, using a new image filter
    - In a dedicated command line tool named CDenoise (#8022)
  • Speedup the rendering of motion blurred volumes when rendering OpenVDB defining velocities. (#7420)

Bug Fixes
3rd Parties
  • Fixed an OpenGL gamma correction display issue on Windows, when running Clarisse on some GPUs. This issue was mainly happening on laptops running under NVidia Optimus technology. (#8151)
Attribute Editor
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using object picker to change the texture on an attribute. It was possible to delete the currently assigned texture which was leading to the crash if the user clicked on Cancel or Esc. (#7877)
  • Fixed a display issue that could occur when using the search feature in menus. If an item name was too short (few characters length), the icon might not have been drawn properly. (#7903)
  • Changed the WARNING message level to ERROR when a rendered image fails to be saved on disk. (#7976)
  • Fixed the script output in the main log of Application -> Frame Per Second when selecting "Echo script path" action summoned using the right click contextual menu of the Project Preferences. (#7969)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when evaluating properties on looped animated Alembic bundles. (#6881)
  • Fixed a large memory leak on animated Alembic Bundles that occurred when moving the timeline. Memory wasn't properly released. (#8068)
Image View
  • Fixed a bug in the Image View that was preventing from displaying the proper rendered quality. In some cases, the display was showing a coarser render when higher quality was already available.(#2701)
  • "Import AOV" and "Import Custom Variables" settings found in project preferences are now working properly when set to "Skip". (#8157)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when evaluating a UDIM texture on multiple geometries simultaneously. (#7878)
  • Fixed a crash with Ilise license server on Linux that could happen when running on a virtual machine. (#7881)
  • Fixed a bug in the licensing that could let user run a newly Clarisse Service Pack release without having an active maintenance license. This means that an active maintenance license is now needed in order to start the new service pack. In other words, the maintenance expiration date (if expired) must be earlier than service pack release date. When no valid license is found, Clarisse starts in PLE. (#8135)
  • Fixed a crash that happened when selecting the Property Paint tool in the Class Explorer. (#8062)
  • Added support for animated attributes on the outline subpixel filter. (#7913)
  • Improved overscan support on camera projection textures as now the U/V repeat mode is now properly handled when set to "Reset".
    Fixed issues on camera projection textures when Camera Occlusion is enabled. (#2013)
  • Fixed a bug in physical sphere lights, illuminated geometries were no longer visible when setting the radius of the sphere to 0. (#7899)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when reading the transform of an OpenVDB. (#8113)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when evaluating a streamed map file texture on Linux. (#8043)
  • It is now possible to bake Alembic bundles. (#7405)
  • Fixed a precision issue in motion blur computations, leading to tiny holes on geometries exported far from the origin. (#7849)
  • The incremental save of .exr file is now disabled by default. You can turn it on again using the "-incremental_save" argument on CNode. (#8162)
  • Fixed an issue in the shading group assignation when using OpenSubdiv. Shading group indices were not properly propagated to the newly created sub-primitives. (#8122)
  • Fixed a dead lock when evaluating a property on a geometry with a displacement dynamically assigned using a shading layer. (#7993)
  • Actions defined in CID description for scripted classes now notify the on_action callback when triggered. (#7958)
  • CNode now only passes on arguments relevant to python script execution. Scripts now receive arguments as if it was directly executed by calling python:If the command cnode -script arg0 arg1 is executed, python's sys.argv will contain "", "arg0" and "arg1". (#7950)
  • AppBase::get_version_number() now returns the proper version number. (#7919)
Shading Layer
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when drag and dropping cells from a Shading Layer Editor to another one. Dragged object is not properly dropped. In order to copy a filter or a whole row from a Shading Layer Editor to another one, you may use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V. (#8184)

SDK Changes
  • Added a new event EVT_ID_APPLICATION_QUIT which is sent right before Clarisse exits. This event is very useful for properly cleaning data and closing handles for example. (#6202)
Image View
  • Removed deprecated function ImageEvalContext::get_canvas().
  • Removed unused public member attribute ImageEvalContext::m_thread_count. (#7759)
  • ModuleTextureSpatial::get_aspect_ratio() now returns a value corresponding to the image width divided by its height. (#2013)
  • The way light acceleration structures were created has been redesigned. It is no longer up to the group object to create an acceleration structure for each integration model, but up to the integrator to store it inside the group.
    Integrators now have new optional callbacks to create/destroy this structure, called on demand, once per integration model and per group. (#7924)

Known bugs and limitations
  • A last minute issue affecting overrides has been identified. This issue can occur if you follow the following steps:
    If you change the value of an attribute (ex: Translate) in a reference (a project or an Alembic), save the project, then reload/revert it and finally change the filename of the reference, the attribute will lose its override and get back to its original value.
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