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Feature Request Posting Guidelines

Feature Request Posting Guidelines

Unread postby isotropix » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:30 pm

Before posting a feature request, please make sure it's not already implemented or already posted in the forum. This may sound silly but you can't imagine how many times this happens.

When posting a request please try to be as clear as possible and please try to give as much detail as you can. The better you explain a feature, the more likely it will be implemented.

Please post one feature request per topic, it will be much easier to track and discuss.

Both following examples describe the same feature:
What we call a "poor" feature request
topic: new options for objects
body: It would be cool to hide objects. Thanks!

What we call a "good" feature request
topic: Shortcut to Hide Scene Items in the 3D View
body: Hiding scene items requires the user to select scene items a toggle Display Visible attribute in the Attribute editor. A better way would be to use for example Ctrl + H shortcut to hide selected items and Ctrl + Shift + H to unhide selected items.

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