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New Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP16!

New Clarisse iFX 4.0

New Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP16!

Unread postby release_team » Wed Mar 17, 2021 3:57 pm

We're very pleased to release Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP16!
As usual, you can download this release from your Download Area.

Clarisse iFX 4.0 is VFX Reference Platform CY2018 compliant.
More information can be found here:

What's new in Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP16:

Bug Fixes
3D View
  • Fixed a regression with the plates display in the 3D View causing an invalid display aspect ratio when using texture maps with non-square image files, and using the Fit Modes "Horizontal", "Vertical" or "Fill". (#11270)
Attribute Editor
  • Fixed an undo issue with Gradient attributes when editing a color key. (#11234)
General UI
  • Removed the misleading left-most column of the Image History that was displaying indices in the reverse order as in the image names. (#8909
Image View
  • Fixed the ordering of the local images history in the Image View. (#9178)
  • Alembic exporter now supports Scatterers with Time offset.(#11205)
  • Fixed issues with properties (a.k.a. primvars) on USD references. (#11271)
  • USD Bundles containing nested point instancers are now working properly when motion blur is activated. (#11248)
  • Fixed a bug when copy-pasting OSL Script texture nodes that were not re-compiling and therefore retaining inputs and outputs from the default shader template. (#10985)
  • In the OSL Script texture node, fixed a crash that occured when running the action Force Compilation on the copy of an instance, if the source's shader had been edited. (#11264)

  • IOHelpers::import_scene(OfContext&, const CoreString&, CoreVector<OfObject *>&) is now aware of the registered file formats. (#11230)
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