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Daedalus R1

Unread postby paq » Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:09 pm

Hi IsoTeam,

Thanks a lot for this new version of Clarisse.
Just want to share some troubles I had to install this version. (Win10)

Office :

We have 2 seats on maintenance, so I shortcut our IT team and install the Daedalus version from my personal download area :twisted:
For some reasons, our license was invalid. The problem is that previous version of Clarisse (3.0 SP1 to SP7) were crashing on start.
(the crash occurs just after choosing between legacy or path-tracer render engine ... PLE was crashing too).

In a panic move, I removed every Clarisse / Isotropix folders from all the place I could find (programs, users preference, etc).
But after every 'fresh' install, Clarisse 3.0 (SP7) was still crashing on start. I also tried previous version (3.0 legacy), with no success.

I finally decide to repair - reinstall visual studio , reboot the pc, install Clarisse again, and 3.0SP7 works fine.

Home :

License was not valid at first, but even after Daedalus installation, every previous Clarisse version were working fine.
I just had to re-download my license, and Daedalus was working.

I really doubt this installation experience can help you in any way, or make any sense ... but in the doubt I share it anyway :D
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