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New Clarisse 5 SP11!

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New Clarisse 5 SP11!

Unread postby release_team » Wed Mar 08, 2023 3:58 pm

We're very pleased to release Clarisse 5.0 SP11!
As usual, you can download this release from your Download Area.

Clarisse 5 is VFX Reference Platform CY2020 compliant.
More information can be found here:

What's new in Clarisse 5.0 SP11:
New Features and Enhancements
General UI
  • Some improvements in Image History widget:
    - Displays item IDs in a dedicated column. This unique number is the current count of fully rendered images since the beginning of user's session or since last history clear.
    - Autofitting the thumbnail column now takes the thumbnail size and the item name into account.
    - Column widths are now part of the widget preferences and saved in and retrieved from the project file. (#12763)
  • In Clarisse Preference window, the contextual menu now provides an action to reset the preference currently under mouse to its default value. Preferences with a modified value are now highlighted.
    The Custom Attribute Creation widget now provides a line to optionally specify a default value. If set, the value is applied upon custom attribute creation.
    In Attribute Editor, custom attributes with a modified value are now highlighted.
    In a general way, the contextual menu now provides the same actions as on regular attributes, and group actions no longer skip custom attributes.
    Limitation: the 'Disable' action cannot apply to a custom attribute and is grayed-out. When applied to a group, custom attributes are skipped.
    Note that it applies also to attributes generated by an OSL script in any TextureOslScript. (#12739)
  • When unlocking images in Image History, the confirmation dialog that pops up when history size exceeds has been improved: it is now located under the mouse, with a more relevant message, and only when needed. (#2412)
3D View
  • 3D View now provides 2D viewport manipulation with the same interaction as in Image View, using the Space modifier: Space + LMB/MMB = Pan, Space + RMB/wheel = Zoom. Related shortcuts are also available (Space + F/C/Z, Numpad Add/Subtract).
    A button in the left toolbar enables the functionality, as well as an action in the contextual menu. When disabling the functionality, current Pan and Zoom values are remembered for further use. Ctrl+Click the button resets the 2D transform.
    Pan and Zoom values are saved in the project file in the widget preferences section. (#5023)
  • When zooming on the floor grid, it is now subdivided into smaller units which are drawn thinner.
    The current grid step is displayed in the HUD together with the mouse position. (#11068)
  • Property Paint tool now provides a color field to edit the current brush value, when display feedback has been set to RGB or RGBA for the currently edited property. (#9929)
  • In Property Paint tool options, the display of a 4-sized property is now correct when using RGBA or Q Orientation, and then switch back & forth with another property. (#12759)
  • Clone Stamp tool now provides a hierarchy level to select the sources: a new option allows to select several groups and the current group feeds the sources, which cannot be changed manually.
    Up/Down hotkeys cycle among groups. Whenever the current group content changes, the list of sources is updated accordingly.
    When no group is set, the tool works as before, using the sources manually set. (#12170)
Material Editor
  • Selection highlight is no longer dimmed when the selected node is disabled. (#9527)
  • In Material Editor and Build View, the way box selection works can now be tuned through Clarisse Preferences>Nodal View>Selection Mode.
    When using the default "Inside" mode, a node is selected only when fully inside the selection rectangle (as before). When using the new "Overlap" mode, a node is selected a soon as selection rectangle overlaps it. (#12361)
Build View
  • [BUiLDER] Extract & Switch nodes now provide information about their current output in the footer tip line. (#9525)
Project Management
  • It is now possible to export a context as a reference while embedding all its dependencies. The corresponding action is available in "File > Reference > Export Context With Dependencies" menu and in the Browser contextual menu. (#9547)
  • Greatly improved projects loading times in some specific cases. (#12683)
Scene Assembly
  • [BUiLDER] Added a new dependencies system in the merge node, that allows anyone to replace unresolved external references of read projects by items coming from other scene assembly contexts. (#12522)
  • It is now possible to specify reference positions and normals that have to be used for projections in the triplanar texture node. (#12737)
  • Add support for comments syntax in clarisse.env file: a comment line begins with the character "#", optionally preceded with white space.
    Fixed a parsing bug, where a variable declaration without the "=" characters would create a variable anyways and the value would be equal to its name. (#11940)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a warning that occurred randomly when shutting down ILISE, about a SysThread that was not destroyed properly. (#12712)
  • Fixed a bug in CNode that caused the license to not be released immediately on exit. This caused the license server to keep the license seat alive until it timed out. The license is now released immediately. The bug happened because sometimes CNode would request 2 licenses but release only 1 on exit. The 2nd one would stay alive until time out. Note that this would still count as 1 license because it was the same machine. The total number of consumed licenses was not affected.
    Added log messages on CNode exit when license release starts and when license release ends. If you notice CNode is hanging between these new logs, please report a bug.
    Terminating CNode with the SIGTERM signal now properly releases the license immediately. This signal is relevant only to Unix systems.
    CNode now supports the SIGINT signal (Ctrl+C) on all platforms: it interrupts CNode and releases the license.
    Known limitation: CNode Interactive doesn't release the license immediately when using the Python command "quit()", please use Ctrl+D instead. (#11945)
General UI
  • Once Clarisse layout has been frozen (Layout>Freeze), the interface stays frozen when loading a new scene or reverting the current one. (#2457)
  • After un-localizing a custom attribute on an object instance, the display of the instance is now reliable: if the instance no longer has any localized attribute, it is displayed in italic with standard font weight. (#12758)
  • Fixed OpenGL drawing glitches on tool gizmos, object icons, and object bounding boxes that occurred in OpenGL viewports, when using some GPUs and some driver versions. (#12734)
Attribute Editor
  • Fixed an old display bug that occurred in a floating Attribute Editor, when the displayed reference attribute (for example a Scene Item's parent) is moved to another context: the actual path of the moved item now updates immediately. (#6887)
  • Comment button is now updated when currently selected item state changes (disable, user-lock). (#5273)
  • Fixed a 5.0 display bug that occurred when an object within a displayed references attribute list (for example Combiner's objects) is moved to another context: the actual path of the moved object now updates immediately, and the object icon is no longer grayed. (#12767)
  • Fixed highlight and display inaccuracies on collapsible fields such as Image Layers, Geometry Deformers,... (#2880)
  • Attribute Editor no longer logs irrelevant warnings and errors about tables when using Lock/Unlock from the attribute group's contextual menu. (#12755)
3D View
  • Re-enabling an object which is currently selected in the 3d View is now taken into account for the scene bounding box evaluation. (#12699)
  • When displaying a very large scene and zooming around the origin, near/far clipping planes can now be adjusted manually, to ensure that transform tools manipulator stays visible, as well as particles, selection bounding box, floor grid, item icons...
    All related parameters can be found in the Display>Clipping Planes section of the 3D View's Options box. (#10249)
  • Floor grid size is now limited to 1.000.000. When viewpoint is zoomed out, grid subdivision step is increased to optimize drawing time and simplify display.
    The current grid step is displayed in the HUD together with the mouse position. (#11201)
  • Clarisse no longer logs irrelevant warnings when the Clone Stamp tool options widget is opened. (#12756)
  • Floating Tool Options window now refreshes correctly when current context changes (this was visible especially for the Clone Stamp tool, where the names displayed in the 'Sources' and 'Geometry Group' attributes were not updated automatically). (#4383)
  • In the Tool Options window, when permuting items inside a list option , the corresponding command is no longer stacked into history (was the case for example when permuting 'sources' in Clone Stamp options). (#12757)
  • Fixed manipulator picking issues when using the Scale Tool, especially on large objects. (#12735)
Material Editor
  • When creating a Light Physical Sphere in the Material Editor or the Build View using tab, the file requester no longer prompts user to choose a file, as the ies_filename attribute is read-only by default. Same for Texture Cdl and its input_CDL_filepath attribute. (#11193)
Image View
  • Box selection in Image View now works even when starting point is outside image area. (#3574)
Project Management
  • Fixed cyclic dependency check in file references that was not working in some scenarios. (#12531)
  • Fixed false remapping warnings when using Alembic's properties. (#12727)
  • Fixed a bug in Alembic references when using frame offset with motion blur enabled. (#11991)
  • Fixed incorrect errors showing up when loading a project containing a USD bundle or a scatterer object with custom attributes. (#12744)
  • Fixed USD export issues with properties:
    - the displayColor property (and potentially some other defined as special primvars in USD schemas) triggered errors on export.
    - string type properties were no longer correctly exported. (#12709)
  • Fixed Volume Box and Volume Surface objects that were not reporting their memory usage in the memory statistics. (#12725)
  • Fixed an issue with static Alembic geometries that was making them take more memory than expected. (#12764)
  • Fixed instabilities when using time offsets in scatterers. (#12720)
Shading Layer
  • Dragging a material/displacement/texture to a shading layer rule in the Shading Layer Editor no longer changes the filter. Previously, the content of the clipboard (whatever it is) was pasted into the currently selected filter cell, if any. (#11164)
  • Fixed crcache not preserving cryptomatte metadata when using the -extract option.
    Fixed other metadata issues related to the "metadata" attribute of the Image and Layer3d objects. (#12628)
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when rendering volumes with motion blur. (#12749)
  • Fixed the UV bake shelf script which no longer worked since Clarisse SP9 (#12738)
  • Fixed macOS version text containing incorrect characters in the Crash Reporter UI, on macOS 11 and newer. (#12750)
Branch Integration
  • Fixed Volume Box and Volume Surface objects not reporting their memory usage in the memory statistics. (#12726)

SDK Changes
Object Framework
  • OfItem::AttrCreationParams now provides a reset_values string member, intended to specify a default/reset value for any custom attribute, that will be used when OfAttr::make_local(false) is called.
    In case of attribute with an array container, the default should hold the values with a space as separator.
    See also OfAttr:: has_custom_default, ::is_custom_local, and ::freeze_custom_default. (#12739)
  • OfAttrHandle::get_item no longer logs an irrelevant warning when the attribute has string type and holds a null string. (#12756)
  • Fix Python bindings in GMathQuat that were broken and added a few ones that were missing.
    Warning: the Python type GMathQuatd is no longer exposed. Use GMathQuat instead, which is the same.
    Fixed GMathQuat.set_rotation(const GMathMatrix3x3<U>& m)
    Fixed GMathQuat.set_rotation(const GMathMatrix4x4<U>& m)
    Fixed GMathQuat.get_rotation(GMathMatrix3x3<U>& m)
    Fixed GMathQuat.get_rotation(GMathMatrix4x4<U>& m)
    Fixed GMathQuat.get_rotation(double& angle, GMathVec3d& axis)
    Fixed GMathQuat.__len__
    Added GMathQuat.__setitem__ and __getitem__
    Added class method GMathQuat.create(s, v) that maps to the C++ constructor GMathQuaternion(const U& s, const GMathVector<U>& v)
    Added class method GMathQuat.copy(q) that maps to the C++ constructor GMathQuaternion(const GMathQuaternion<U>& q) (#12778)
  • CNodeApp: removed legacy APIs that had no effect: request_exit() and get_exit_requested(). (#11945)
  • Fixed 'sys_get_os_info' on macOS 11, and newer, to trim extra '\t' characters in the values retrieved from the system information. (#12750)
  • AppObject now automatically updates the value of the current project filename on project load and save. Thanks to this, the API OfApp::get_current_project_filename() now also works in CNode. (#10566)
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