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New Clarisse 5 SP1!

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New Clarisse 5 SP1!

Unread postby release_team » Tue May 25, 2021 9:54 am

We're very pleased to release Clarisse 5 SP1!
As usual, you can download this release from your Download Area.

Clarisse 5 is VFX Reference Platform CY2020 compliant.
More information can be found here:

What's new in Clarisse 5 SP1:

New Features and Enhancements
  • It is now possible to control how a light contributes to shading points using the 'Contribution' attribute on any light. The contribution color, which can be textured, multiplies the illumination coming from the light at the shading point. (#11435)
  • It is now possible to apply tone mapping on color AOVs using the new attribute 'Affect Color AOVs'.(#11434)
  • EIS now works when a Ray Switch texture node is connected to an emissive material. (#11544)
  • EIS now works with Ray Switch materials when an emissive material is connected to the GI attribute. (#11538)
  • Optimized sampling of non-textured Geometry lights and EIS, and improved the sampling quality of tessellated meshes and subdivision surfaces. (#11529)
  • The lighting mode of Geometry lights is now set to Physical by default. (#11535)

Bug Fixes
  • On Linux, fixed the missing shebang in the launcher scripts (clarisse, cnode, etc.). (#11531)
  • Fixed a regression crash that happened when loading a project containing a locked Attribute Editor with an attribute name filter enabled. (#11528)
  • Exporting a project as archive now works properly. (#11566)
  • Fixed a bug in macOS installer that caused to not run at all when double-clicking on it. Now Licman starts properly when double-clicking on (#9548)
  • Fixed a regression in the Linux and macOS launchers for Python2 and Python3 that was breaking project paths. (#11553)
General UI
  • Object Picker no longer shows up with a collapsed hierarchy when reopened. Instead, it remembers which items were expanded along the session as in previous versions of Clarisse. (#11568)
  • On macOS, fixed a bug causing the Image View and 3D View to show a flashy red viewport before showing the actual display. (#11523)
3D View
  • Fixed a display glitch that created white flashes in the 3D View. (#11586)
Attribute Editor
  • Filtering now considers table name and table columns names (for example: Geometries or Probability on a Scatterer). (#11407)
  • Clicking after the last column of the Browser's spreasheet now deselects all rows properly. (#11533)
Image View
  • Snapping the zoom level repeatedly, using Space+Z, does not crash anymore. (#11536)
Material Editor
  • Fixed a display glitch when dragging nodes with grid snapping enabled. (#11513)
  • Fixed a regression in the Alembic camera Fit Mode that caused the attribute to revert internally to "Fill" in spite of it showing the correct overridden value. (#11572)
  • Radius multiplier on curve geometries is now working again. (#11539)
  • Fixed a rendering issue on fur geometries that was causing them to be deformed when there was a scale applied on them. (#11522)
Project Management
  • Fixed a crash happening when modifying the geometries of a Combiner or a Scatterer connected to a Geometry light. It only happened when the geometry was created and added to the Combiner or the Scatterer at the same time. (#11591)
  • Fixed a performance regression when loading projects with many objects in Clarisse 5. (#11507)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging an object in the Shading Layer Editor without having selected a Shading Layer beforehand. (#11545)
Scene Assembly
  • [BUiLDER] SceneAssemblyReadProject can now read .ple files in addition to already supported .project files. (#11534)
  • Emissive surfaces with textured opacity now render properly when EIS is enabled. (#11587)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a scene while there are emissive materials applied via Shading Layers. (#11582)
  • Hidden geometry shading groups are now handled properly by Geometry lights. (#11569)
  • Fixed EIS of transparent double-sided spheres. (#11556)
  • Emission weight of physical materials is not bound 1000% anymore. (#11552)
  • Fixed a sampling issue when there were multiple scene objects with emissive materials defining different intensities. (#11551)
  • in Geometry lights, changing the Texture Importance Sampling Mode now works properly. (#11524)
  • Fixed random instabilities when scrolling the timeline and when there were animated geometries with EIS enabled (#11519)
  • The Normalized and Physical lighting modes now work as expected with Geometry lights. (#11321)
  • In Standard material, fixed potential render artifacts when using Specular 1 with anisotropy. (#11616)

SDK Changes
  • Added Python bindings for the class GuiNumberEdit. You can now create GuiNumberEdit widgets in Python and use GuiNumberField APIs that depended on GuiNumberEdit: "get_format", "set_format", "set_display_format" and "get_expression_operator". (#11555)
  • Fixed a regression in Python bindings: ix.api.GMathQuat was no longer available in Python. (#11558)
  • Fixed a regression in Python bindings of our CoreSet container class, which stopped working properly in Python. (#11550)
  • Fixed a regression in Python bindings that prevented to check equality between GuiWidget items. (#11557)
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