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New Clarisse 5 SP8!

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New Clarisse 5 SP8!

Unread postby release_team » Tue Mar 29, 2022 11:12 am

We're very pleased to release Clarisse 5.0 SP8!
As usual, you can download this release from your Download Area.

Clarisse 5 is VFX Reference Platform CY2020 compliant.
More information can be found here:

What's new in Clarisse 5.0 SP8:

New Features and Enhancements
  • It is not longer possible to accidentally overwrite a commercial project (.project or .build) by a learning-edition file (.ple or .ble) while using Clarisse in PLE mode. Also, in this same situation, the autosave file will now use the corresponding non-commercial file extension. For instance, the file "MyProject.project" will be saved to "MyProject.ple.autosave" when using Clarisse in PLE mode. (#11160)
General UI
  • The readability of error logs has been improved. (#8252)
3D View
  • Fitting on Scopes or Sphere/Plane/Cylinder/Geometry lights now considers the actual shape bounding box rather than the current icon size. This also applies to the Image View. (#10072)
  • Area Lights display has been improved: when selected, the shape is now displayed thinner when occluded; Sphere light radius is now accurate and no longer related to 3D View's icon size; Cylinder light is now pickable as if it is a solid shape (no need to pick its edges). (#12215)
  • Clarisse now logs a warning when trying to drag a gizmo axis which is perpendicular to view. (#12181)
  • USD References and USD Bundles now support skinned geometries in via USDSkel. A new "Skinning Sample Count" attribute has been added to USD References and USD bundles to control the motion-blur sampling count, when using sub-positions. Also fixed sub-positions motion-blur on USD objects and USD Bundles. (#12153)
  • Stream texture cache memory usage is now displayed in the Preferences panel in the "Input Output" category. This information will allow you to optimize the Stream Texture Cache size for rendering performance. For instance, if the usage value is often close or equal to 100%, you should increase the value of the preference "Stream Texture Cache". (#12248)
  • The function "find_item" can now be used to look for either Contexts of all types, or Reference ones only. (#12178)
  • The compatibility of the Autodesk Standard Surface with other DCCs has been improved with regards to roughness parametrization and diffuse reflection/transmission models. Furthermore, the energy-conservation of iridescence is now working properly. (#12203)
  • The incidence effects on rough Dielectric, Reflection and Iridescent materials have been improved. As a side effect, energy conservation has been improved when layering specular lobes with an IOR < 1 over a substrate (or when layering specular and transmission lobes to simulate a dielectric with internal bounces) in the Standard Material. Iridescence has also been disabled by default on the diffuse lobe of the Iridescent material. (#12259)
  • Improved the robustness of Cylinder lights sampling. (#12232)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Preference echoing as command line argument for checkboxes and string presets (namely, units). (#10954)
  • Fixed a focus issue introduced in Clarisse 5.0 when expanding a Context in the left tree whereas an object is currently selected in another Context. (#12160)
3D View
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on Intel integrated GPUs when displaying empty particles (Point Array, Point Cloud, Point UV Sampler, Point Volume) in the 3D View. (#12206)
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when using indexed Alembic properties or when exporting string properties to USD. (#12221)
Project Management
  • Export Context With Dependencies no longer creates pending objects (thus broken dependencies) on reload when the exported Context has several sub-Contexts. (#11966)
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when importing small Volumes far from the World's origin. (#12230)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when evaluating an expression involving strings during rendering. For instance, setting such an expression in the Translate/Rotate/Scale attribute of a Scene Item could lead to a crash when rendering with motion-blur enabled. (#12192)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the OptiX denoiser when orbiting the camera, causing Clarisse to crash at some point. (#12222)
  • Geometry lights using deformed geometries are now properly visible when enabling motion-blur. (#12184)
  • in Autodesk Standard Surface Material, fixed the metallic edge color at intermediate metalness. (#12269)
  • Fixed the multiple-scattering compensation of rough Dielectric material with only reflection or refraction. (#12245)
  • Fixed the concentric texture mapping of Plane lights when using Disk shape. (#12226)
  • Fixed the texturing of scaled Plane lights when using Square shape and Streamed Map File texture nodes. (#12231)
  • In Autodesk Standard Surface Material, fixed the attribute's read-onliness that could prevent editing in some occasions. (#12210)
  • In Autodesk Standard Surface Material, fixed the layering of coat over the metallic lobe. (#12201)
  • Fixed the editability of the attributes controlling anisotropy in the Standard material. (#12157)
  • Fixed the layering of specular 2 lobe with metallic Fresnel in Standard material. (#12169)

SDK Changes
  • Changed SysFilesystem APIs to use "const CoreBasicString&" parameters instead of "const CoreString&", to avoid unnecessary string copies. (#12188)
  • Added new API SysFilesystem::get_absolute_path: this API replaces SysFilesystem::get_full_file_path and introduces fixes. The function now supports folder paths on Windows too like on Unix. It now returns an empty string consistently on all platforms if the requested input path is not found. SysFilesystem::get_full_file_path is now deprecated and internally calls get_absolute_path. (#12204)
  • New ImageIOTextureStream::get_cache_used_size that returns OpenImageIO's stream texture cache current used size in MiB as a float value instead of a string. ImageIOTextureStream::get_peak_cache_memory is now deprecated and ImageIOTextureStream::get_cache_used_size should be used instead. (#12248)
Project Management
  • Changed the behavior of "OfContext::get_all_objects(CoreSet<OfObject *>& objects, const CoreBitFieldHelper& flags, const bool& consider_embedded) const" and "OfContext::get_all_items(CoreSet<OfItem *>& items, const CoreBitFieldHelper& flags) const" since Clarisse 4.0: they no longer accumulate objects/items when invoked in a loop whereas the same CoreSet is given as argument. Instead, each call clears the CoreSet before refill. (#11966)
  • PbrOrenNayar::configure(...) no longer applies an internal 10x factor to the roughness parameter, which is now readily interpreted as the squared sigma parameter instead. Deprecated set_check_integration_domain() and check_integration_domain() on all classes inheriting from PbrBxdf. (#12203)
  • The PbrMicrofacetReflect and PbrMicrofacetRefract types now expose the microfacet normal, such that Fresnel incidence effects are computed in a physically-meaningful manner. set_has_internal_reflection(...) in PbrMicrofacetReflectTpl and PbrWard are now deprecated. (#12259)
  • ix.cmds.SetCurveKeyPosition no longer crashes when a wrong key id is provided. ix.cmds.SetCurve no longer crashes when incomplete data is provided. Both log an error and fail instead. (#11441)
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