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Unread postby release_team » Wed Dec 08, 2021 11:35 am

Please note the following limitations for Clarisse 5.5 Early Access 1 Build efb23f0be1 2021-12-08.

This post will be updated when new builds are released.


  • The BUiLDER flavor is currently disabled until fully supported by Angie and rendering “.build” files with CNode is also disabled for now.
  • macOS is not yet supported. Our team is doing its best to support this platform in the future. For now, we're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


  • Multi-GPU rendering is not enabled. Clarisse will automatically use the best available GPU on the system for rendering.
  • Motion-blur is disabled.
  • Volume rendering is partially supported. It works for VDB volumes using the VolumeFile geometry and VolumeBoxes Volumes but VolumeSurface is not supported.
  • MaterialX VDF is not yet supported.
  • Texturing volume density attributes has no effect for now.
  • Curves rendering is supported in both CPU and GPU modes, but only the new Hair Fiber material is supported (both in OSL and classic Clarisse material).
  • Displacement has some limitations:
    • Displacement assigned via Shading Layers does not work in the GPU mode.
    • Bump normals in displacements are not evaluated.
    • Geometries with multiple shading groups do not yet support assigning different displacements for each shading group.
  • OSL materials:
    • All OSL materials: multiple-scattering energy compensation, exit colors, presets and single/invert sidedness are not yet supported.
    • All OSL materials except the OSL Autodesk Standard Surface: bump and normal mapping are not yet supported.
    • OSL Autodesk Standard Surface: transmission depth/scatter, dispersion, and thin film are not yet supported.
    • OSL Reflection, OSL Transmission, and OSL Dielectric: anisotropy mode and anisotropy space aren’t supported yet.
    • OSL Diffuse: supports only a single Oren-Nayar model for now.
    • OSL AL Standard Shader and OSL Disney Principled Shader do not offer a 1 to 1 match compared to their Clarisse implementation.
    • OSL subsurface scattering: SSS groups are not supported and the diffusion model falls back to a full random walk solution.
    • OSL volume: physicist/legacy optical modes and emission are not yet supported.
  • Opacity and Clip Maps are not yet supported.
  • Emission Importance Sampling is not yet available.
  • Texture maps using file formats other than TX can cause severe performance degradation. In the meantime, it is recommended to convert texture map files to the TX format using the program maketx found in the installation folder of Clarisse.
  • Translation of classic Clarisse materials to Angie is still work-in-progress. See more details in the FAQ.
    • Our team is doing its best to provide a 1:1 match between looks created with classic Clarisse nodes and Angie. Expect major improvements in this area in future builds.
    • Classic Clarisse material and texture nodes that are not yet supported will show in pink color in the render.
  • MaterialX limitations:
    • Looks support is limited to the first look for now.
    • It is not yet possible to specify which attributes should be exposed when collapsing a MaterialX graph.
  • Blending materials:
    • Blending is supported by Angie with the OSL Blend material;
    • But the classic Clarisse Blend material is not yet translated automatically by the Rosetta Stone Library.
  • AOV Blending modes and Filtering modes are disabled for now.
  • Time Variance in Scatterers is not yet supported.
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