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Limitations [UP TO DATE]

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Limitations [UP TO DATE]

Unread postby release_team » Wed Dec 08, 2021 11:35 am

Please note the following limitations for Clarisse 5.5 Early Access 2 Build 6c27d2494d 2022-05-11.

This post will be updated when new builds are released.

  • The BUiLDER flavor is currently disabled until fully supported by Angie and rendering “.build” files with CNode is also disabled for now.
  • macOS is not yet supported. Our team is doing its best to support this platform in the future. For now, we're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Multi-GPU rendering is not enabled. Clarisse will automatically use the best available GPU on the system for rendering.
  • MaterialX VDF is not yet supported.
  • Texturing volume density attributes has no effect for now.
  • Displacement assigned via Shading Layers does not work in the GPU mode.
  • OSL Autodesk Standard Surface: transmission depth/scatter and dispersion are not yet supported.
  • Emission Importance Sampling is not yet available.
  • Texture maps using file formats other than TX can cause severe performance degradation. To mitigate this issue, we recommend you enable the automatic TX generation and usage (enabled by default).
  • Translation of classic Clarisse materials to Angie is still work-in-progress. See more details in the FAQ.
    • Our team is doing its best to provide a 1:1 match between looks created with classic Clarisse nodes and Angie. Expect major improvements in this area in future builds.
    • Classic Clarisse material and texture nodes that are not yet supported will show in pink color in the render.
  • MaterialX limitations:
    • Looks support is limited to the first look for now.
    • It is not yet possible to specify which attributes should be exposed when collapsing a MaterialX graph.
    • Importing MaterialX looks from USD stages is only supported in USD References for now.
  • AOV Blending modes and Filtering modes are disabled for now.
  • Time Variance in Scatterers is not yet supported.
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