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Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 11:57 am
by release_team
Please note the following limitations for Clarisse 5.5 Early Access 2 Build 6c27d2494d 2022-05-11.

This post will be updated when new builds are released.

Why is GPU rendering not working?
The main reason is that your computer doesn't have an OptiX 7 compliant GPU. For now, Angie only supports NVIDIA GPUs starting from Pascal (GTX 10xx or Quadro Pxxxx). If you have a compliant GPU but still have issues with enabling GPU rendering, please make sure your NVIDIA drivers are up-to-date.

Why is only one GPU used by Angie?
This is a limitation of the current Clarisse 5.5 Early Access build you're using. Angie will automatically select the GPU with the highest compute capability. For instance, if your computer has a GTX 1080 GPU and an RTX 3090 GPU, Angie will automatically select your RTX 3090 GPU for rendering.
Multi-GPU support will be enabled in future Early Access releases.

Why is my scene slow to load and/or render?
There is currently a limitation when working with texture map files that are not in TX format that causes performance issues. Please use the automatic TX generation system (enabled by default) to mitigate this issue.

Why can't I use classic Clarisse texture nodes with Angie lights?
Angie lights can only be textured using the new OSL nodes.
For instance, in order to texture the color of your AngieLightEnvironment with an image map, you should connect the RGB Out output of an OslShaderTextureMapFile to the Color attribute of your environment light.

Can I mix classic Clarisse texture nodes, OSL nodes, and MaterialX nodes in the same shader network?
No. Each shader system (Clarisse, OSL, MaterialX) is incompatible with the other ones. But classic Clarisse texture nodes can be translated into OSL nodes using our Rosetta Stone Library so that classic Clarisse looks can directly be used by Angie.

Why are parts of my render pink?
Clarisse materials and textures that are not yet supported by Angie will show in pink color. These limitations will be fixed in future versions.
Please see the detailed list below.