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GPU VRAM statistics/info

Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2021 7:51 pm
by marklowe
Hi there.
First... congratulations to Angie. I tested it briefly and even it is quite unstable (which is of course expected in early access)
I am quite impressed by the performance. Good job!
I will probably buy a license after Angie is production ready in the future.

I have a question. How can we monitor the population of the VRAM of the GPU?
I understand there is resources info panel in Clarisse, but it doesn't show the exact free and occupied VRAM space.
I can imagine I could somehow calculate the size for meshes and textures, but I am quite sure that there are other components which must fit into VRAM too - like some caches, render buffers etc.
So it would be nice if we can tune the scene to the GPU VRAM limit... hence the need for the free memory info :D