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Get wrong length of uv map indices

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Get wrong length of uv map indices

Unread postby FhyTan » Wed Aug 03, 2022 8:23 am

Hello guys, I'm using Clarisse iFX 5.5 Early Access 2 and trying to do some TD work about exporting mesh and uv. When I export uv data, I found there are some object that the length of uv indices is not equal with the length of the face vertex count. It cause some problem in my subsequent work.

Here is the problem object in attachment which I download from tutorial video. And the python script show how I fetch the uv data.

Code: Select all

faceVertexCount = ix.api.UIntArray()
print(sum(faceVertexCount)) # get 488

geo.get_uv_map_data(0, uvs, indices)
print(len(indices)) # get 498

I've tried to import this obj in Maya, and I can get the length of uv indices is 488, not 498 in clarisse.
So is that a bug in clarisse or am I use a wrong method to do this?
Hope somebody can help me. Thank you
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