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Anyone experiencing the script editor deleting text?

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Re: Anyone experiencing the script editor deleting text?

Unread postby bvz » Mon Feb 01, 2021 9:09 pm

I am experiencing this again right now. It appears to sometimes be triggered when pasting into the script editor. Though I don't know for sure.

I am on Linux centOS 7, latest Clarisse service pack.

Edit: I just submitted a bug report with a movie showing the issue.

Edit #2: At the moment, I can get it to happen consistently. I create a new script editor, type into it, and everything is fine. But if I create a new script editor, paste into it, then it immediately creates the issue described.

Edit #3: And now I can copy and paste without issue. Don't know what has changed. I did paste into the editor, save my script. close the editor, and then open a new one which I then loaded my saved script. Now I can seem to paste into this one without issue for the moment.

Edit #4: I can reproduce it on demand, but only under a very special circumstance. I am using Clarisse via teradicci (remote control software). Teradicci is running on my home Mac, and Clarisse is running on a remote Linux system. If I copy from my local Mac and paste into the script editor on the remote system, I get this behavior every single time. If I copy from the remote system to Clarisse also running on the remote system, I do not get this behavior. BUT NOTE: I have had this issue before I used Teradicci - it also happens when I am sitting in front of the Linux system working directly on Clarisse. The only difference is that it is not 100% reproducible like it is now.
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