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New Clarisse Maintenance Build #5610

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New Clarisse Maintenance Build #5610

Unread postby isotropix » Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:05 am

Dear Clarisse users,

We're extremely pleased to release this new build of Isotropix Clarisse (build #5610).

Important Note
We've improved packet encryption method between Ilise, Clarisse and CNODE which unfortunately breakup Ilise compatibility.

An update to Ilise is then mandatory to be able to run both applications. As a side effect, starting from this build number Ilise can't serve anymore licenses to previous Clarisse/CNODE builds.

If you are evaluating Clarisse, this build will invalidates your temporary license. Please contact quickly to get a new license ASAP. You don't need to install this new build to get your new license. Just provide us with a new license request key using IREQKEY.

If you own a permanent license, you don't need to get a new license. However, you still need to update both Ilise and Clarisse/CNODE.

This new build features the following changes (since build #5477):

  • Mac OS X version is now released and immediately available!
  • Project loading speed improvements.
  • User-defined Previz light sets. In the Preferences Panel, go to Rendering tab, you can now create your own custom group of lights (light sets) to light your scenes while in Previz mode for both the 3D View and the raytracer. The custom light set is saved in Clarisse config file.
  • Default material can now be set in the config file.
  • Fixed paint tablet mapping issue occurring on Windows platform. Prior to this fix, Clarisse was skipping the user-defined mapping forcing the entire tablet surface to map the screen.
  • File paths are now reformatted to match UNIX standard. A project saved on Windows won't replace / by \. This will fix issues reported when sharing project files on both Windows and UNIX platforms.
  • Moving an image to a new context no longer leads to reference wrong items.
  • Improved object creation time.
  • Updated documentation and contents with new tutorials.
  • Many bug fixes.

  • Added new a fish eye camera. You can use also use fish eye cameras to reproject a fish eyed render to a dome.
  • You can now use a texture to clip to geometry's shading groups. To assign a clip texture use the Material Linker.

  • Polymesh now supports user-defined vertex normal maps. You can now use vertex normal maps imported from geometries or set a custom max smoothing angle.
  • Wavefront OBJ importer has been improved. When importing and OBJ Clarisse now automatically creates materials based on MTL definitions. Textures are also automatically bound to corresponding material channels. Also, prior to this update, some files couldn't be imported and crashed the application. This is not the case anymore.

  • Standard material has been extended to support a more accurate diffuse + reflection + refraction mixing. There are now two modes: Additive (former one), Energy Conservative ensuring diffuse (and SSS) + reflection + refraction <= 1. You can also set Fresnel or create your own BRDF using a gradient.
  • Shadow and GI ray depth clipping. You can now control, globally in the raytracer or locally on each light, to skip shadows and GI at a specified ray recursion depth. This avoids ray explosion and reduces greatly rendering times when having materials, such as glass, that are both refractive and reflective.
  • Camera projection now supports custom occluders. Just create a group with your occluders and reference it in Camera Occluders attribute.

3D View
  • Default Display Filter Mode is now set to "Context" instead of "Objects"
  • Selection autofit is now disabled by default.
  • OpenGL lines are now antialiased by default.
  • You can't set anymore view points of read-only items.
  • Fixed a bug in Display Filter Mode that was not setting the context that was set when the project was saved and loaded back.

User Interface/Editors
  • Object creation New... menu item (right click in the Browser) is now the first item of the menu.
  • Creating a new folder in Clarisse file dialog no longer crashes the application.
  • Preventing from dragging read only or private contexts using left mouse. Disabled right mouse menu option "Move Here", if any of the drag and dropped item is private or read only.
  • Prevent item creation in material editor using drag and drop if the current context is read only and/or external.
  • CTRL + X is now properly handled in text fields (GuiLineEdit and GuiTextEdit)
  • Attribute Editor now displays attribute documentation in tooltips.
  • Added "HDR" extension when importing an image or a map file.
  • Copy and pasting a multiline text in a single line text field is now improved.
  • Localized objects are now properly displayed (in bold) in the Browser.
  • Improved attribute file extension support
  • There can now be only one instance of the Preferences Panel at a time.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to freeze the application if a message box was displayed.
  • Output filenames now support custom padding via the use of # character. For example, for frame number 2,
    Code: Select all
    Code: Select all
    output 002_my_output_02_file_0002
  • Image View now prevents from setting view points of read-only cameras.

Known Issues currently being addressed
  • Geometries in alembics that have changing topology are not supported.
  • Contextual displacement localization doesn't work.
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