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Tool for check your scene light...

Finished work (VFX, animation, print...) made with Clarisse.

Tool for check your scene light...

Unread postby rootsy » Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:26 pm

This is my first time so,
Hello to everyone Clarisse users,
i'm Salomon, cg is my hobby,
i'm very impressed what Clarisse can do,
so i have decided make Clarisse my main rendering engine,
and learn a lot.

If you want, i have little scene to share,
inside you find 3 spheres (chrome, grey, white) size 1m each,
also the ground size 100m square,
and 10km sphere for background view and also for lightning,
this big sphere is shaded in old fashion way with the matte material,
cause you can rotate it in Y, and see results if you have progressive rendering mode on,
it has also free HDR image from, named MonValley Lookout,
default camera has DoF on and is focused on grey sphere.


You have only tell me where is the best host to place the file scene to download.

Ps. i will show you my first project very soon...
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