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Amphora - product design

Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:39 am
by marmier

First of all I would like to thank so much clarisse team for the great software they have created.
I really love the way you can iterate forever on your image, no excuse about the software anymore.... :)

here is a first image I did with the PLE to test it out at home : a model of pot I designed a long ago when I use to be product designer.


The final render took about 40 min on my core i7 950@3ghz for 1.5k render
this is lit by 3 soft shadows lights and an 8k HDR, GI 3 bounces.
a little bit of photoshop help for the table dof.

I have separated the background to work out a very efficient clarisse 2d defocus.

the caustic effect is made up with light projector....

Thanks again guys, I never been such enthusiast with 3d software before!!

"c'est de la bombe !!!"