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New Clarisse iFX 1.6!

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New Clarisse iFX 1.6!

Unread postby support_team » Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:05 pm

Dear Clarisse users,

We're releasing this new build of Clarisse iFX 1.6. In this build we introduce CRender and node-locked licensing.
As always, you can get this build from your download area.

Make sure to download the documentation and contents as they've been updated.

What's new since build 1.5 SP4
  • Added File > Export > Render Archive which exports the current project as a render binary archive. Note currently archives still reference external dependencies (image, geometries, ABCs...). They are not bundled in the archive.
  • Color selection widget in Tools doesn't disappear anymore if the size of the toolbar is smaller than a certain size.
  • A log is now outputted when Autosave is performed.
  • Fixed a UI glitch in the Browser in which the horizontal scrollbar occluded last item.

  • CRender is a new application designed only to render images. Unlike CNode, it doesn't provide any scripting ability, has no interactive shell mode and can't read directly Clarisse project files. Instead, it reads as input a special render archive format that needs to be exported from Clarisse. CRender requires a specific license. For more information please refer to the user manual.

  • You can now execute a script from command line by specifying -script. You can also combine this with the interactive flag to execute a script before getting the interactive prompt.

  • If Clarisse is unlicensed it can now run in Personal Learning Edition.
  • Clarisse now provides node locked licensing scheme. Node locked licenses are bound to the machine and don't need Ilise to run.

  • Added a visual hint when displaying AOVs in menus. If the AOV doesn't exists in the image it appears as dimmed.
  • Layer file now automatically declares AOVs when referencing an EXR.
  • Removed a warning message when importing an image that declares an existing AOV.
  • Fixed a crash on pixel filters when the filter wasn't affecting Alpha. This bug was introduced in SP4.

  • Fixed focus distance computation when either the camera or the focus object is parented/constrained.

  • Added ix.export_render_archive() method to export the current project as a render archive. Note this method can only be called from Clarisse. You can't call it from clarisse command line or from CNode.
  • Added an accessor to OIIO textures cache in ImageIOTextureStream.
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