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New Clarisse iFX 1.6 SP5!

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New Clarisse iFX 1.6 SP5!

Unread postby support_team » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:49 pm

Dear Clarisse users,

We're releasing this new build of Clarisse iFX 1.6 SP5. As usual, this new release is available in your download area.

What's new since build 1.6 SP4

  • Fixed a bug that was not updating layer's visibility when moving objects outside the image context, in some cases.

User Interface
  • On OSX, in the Image View, setting the render region using the X key is now working properly.
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes crashing Clarisse when opening the Image Gallery as a floating window.
  • Fixed a bug that was crashing Clarisse when using the Scale tool on OSX.
  • Pick Fit tool now does not modify constrained cameras.

  • In Image, fixed a bug that was crashing Clarisse when changing the "Resolution Preset" attribute while using the Render Manager.
  • Fixed a bug that was not updating the custom AOV list when the "Export Shading AOVs" attribute was disabled.
  • Stream Map File textures now react properly to "File > Reload Resources" when using tiling syntax (UDIM and UVTILE) to specify image filenames.

  • Fixed a shading bug that was adding self illumination when reflection, refraction and global illumination were combined.
  • Visibility groups used by materials, textures and lights are now resolved properly throughout the shading graph.
  • Fixed a bug that was crashing Clarisse when a geometry had a zero scale component.

  • Instanciated alembic meshes are now working properly.

  • Fixed a bug that was wrongly binding unsupported LWS envelopes to the Z component of the Scale attribute.

  • Added set_parent() method to ModuleSceneItem in order to set the kinematic parent of scene items.
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