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Failed to resync an abc ressource

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Failed to resync an abc ressource

Unread postby cchampet » Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:15 pm


I have several questions about how Clarisse rsync/reloads ressources. When I open a project which references an existing abc file on disk, if the abc has changed, I get this kind of message from Clarisse:

A resync is required on the following files:
Would you like to synchronize the project?

What does Clarisse actually do when I say yes? And what is the difference with "File > Reload Ressources" ?
Because if the abc is not described the same way, I cannot see my geometry within Clarisse, or it crashes randomly after a few moment...
To reproduce my issue, from an empty scene:
* "File > Import > Scene" a first abc.
* Save the project and exit Clarisse.
* Rename a second abc in the name of the first one (which has to be completely different).
* Open Clarisse and load the scene.

Can you help me to find a way to force Clarisse to clear its cache/reload everything?

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Re: Failed to resync an abc ressource

Unread postby bruce » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:45 am


When you use resync resources Clarisse will reload everything, when using reload Clarisse will only reload the file that has changed.

Importing Alembic files with the menu import>scene doesn't allow you to add or remove objects. For that prefer to use references this way you can add or remove objects and everything will update correctly with the resync or reload.

We highly recommend to use referencing instead of import scene for alembic.

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