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Image view question

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Image view question

Unread postby dougjung » Sat May 19, 2018 8:40 pm

Wanted to hear any thoughts about something I've been noticing fairly regularly:

There seems to something visible when I switch from 3d view to image view, that 'blocks' the camera, and makes the image view seem as if it is empty. When I close the image view and open a new one, it goes away.

Here is the image view when it is 'blocked'

This is after simply closing the 'blocked' image view and opening a new one

Seems as if it is related to the point cloud?

Any thoughts?

I am on MacOSX. Just got Clarisse 3.6 SP2, but this image was from Clarisse 3.6 first build.
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Re: Image view question

Unread postby dboude » Mon May 21, 2018 9:59 am


It's sound like a bug but without your scene, it's hard to confirm that. Maybe you could upload your project with the referenced files in order to have a look at it ?

Cheers ;)
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Re: Image view question

Unread postby dougjung » Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:15 pm

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 10.04.03 AM.png
Hi Demian

Thanks I've been trying to save a scene that demonstrates, but it seems that the problematic 'state' is not exactly saved. With an image view open, which exhibits the issue, I save, but when I re-open, the image view is focused, but grey, because I haven't chosen the image object to view. Once I choose that image object, then the geometry is visible as expected. However, at this point I can toggle to the 3D view, then back, and then the issue is exhibited - the image is black. It does though have a very small part of the image visible, which to me implies it is something 'blocking' 99% of the view - see attached screenshot - the bottom and right of the view are white which I believe is the plane geometry.

So, it seems that when the image view is 'paired' to an image object to display, it 'refreshes' the view and the render artifact is not present. But, by toggling to the 3D view and then back to the image view which is already paired to an image object, the issue is displayed.

Also, closing that image view, and opening a new one takes the issue away in that image view, until toggling again.

Oddly, I don't always see this behavior. When I start up my machine, and start using Clarisse, it typically doesn't behave this way. But, once this issue starts occurring during a session, then it happens reliably. So I believe something puts it in a 'state' where this starts occurring. It might be one of the render settings or something that I use too, not sure.

Attached is the scene (and a screenshot) - could you see if you can re-create the issue?

My specs:
OS: MacOS High Sierra - version 10.13.4
Graphics: AMD FirePro D700
Clarisse: 3.6 Build f77a57b3 2018-01-10

Thanks much - I appreciate your insight!
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