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Wrong filename using Variables in the output

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Re: Wrong filename using Variables in the output

Unread postby albertogz » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:31 pm

sam wrote:We are always listening to the community to improve our software.
Could you please share which part of the documentation you would like to see improved?


There is no specific part of the current documentation that I refer. I'm thinking in a global improvement about the contents, and also perhaps on structure documentation.

In my opinion, Houdini documentation and Catia documentation, are two good examples of great online help, because them are plenty of some elements that give benefit the user experience when user needs get help to understand how to works any feature of the tool.

Being concise, screenshots all-arround, scene samples, tips, "how to do this" section in each topic, or hyperlinks, are some of this elements that would help to improve the current documentation.

This is only my viewpoint, however I'm grateful from you and Isotropix for take in account the users.
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