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problem volume pass: 'pbr_volume_i'

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problem volume pass: 'pbr_volume_i'

Unread postby 191203432 » Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:07 pm

I'm trying to render out volume pass to exr_format. But it results in that the crossing parts of VDB are brighter than others. The result which I compose it by merging the pbr_volume_i with pbr_volume_k is different from the original beauty. I am confused about the description of the Available AOV List.
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Re: problem volume pass: 'pbr_volume_i'

Unread postby esmith » Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:05 pm

Hello, so it looks to me like you are trying to render a cloud layer for a planet or something like this. The reason that the overlapping parts are becoming brighter is that I believe, for what you want to do, you should not be seeing the clouds on the backside of the planet in this render. So you are missing the planet, as a matte object in this pass so that the cloud layer is being held out by the planet. That way there will be no overlapping clouds.

Let me know if I'm understanding your situation correctly.
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Re: problem volume pass: 'pbr_volume_i'

Unread postby dboude » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:19 am


Some of pbr_volume AOVs are broken. Sorry for the inconvenience. k * i should give the beauty.

Cheers ;)
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