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Problems with texture baking?

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Problems with texture baking?

Unread postby jsmr » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:37 am

Hi there,

I'm having some problems with texture baking and was wondering if you could tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I've watched your videos, but I get a different result.

If I create a scene with just a cube (with UVs) in it, and then I apply any shader to that cube, when I switch that layer to bake UVs - it ignores the shader that I have applied to the object and just renders white. I've tried with both references and abc imports. If I override the whole layer, with the shader I wanted, it works however.

Taking this a step further, if I now project something on that cube (texture projection via camera), and plug that into the shader which is overriding the layer to get it to work, this new texture is now ignored, and it renders black. Checking it in the 3d view it looks correct and I can see the projection just fine, but the resulting baked image doesn't have the projection.

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Re: Problems with texture baking?

Unread postby dboude » Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:22 am


On which version do you work? I haven't any issue on 4.0 SP3

I have the illumination, with a camera projection...

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