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Displaying Non-English Text in Clarisse GUI

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Displaying Non-English Text in Clarisse GUI

Unread postby jchoicgi » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:42 am

Are there any ways that Clarisse ifx can display non-English Unicode text, like Korean or Japanese?
When I tried adding Korean text into button GUI, it only shows letters as boxes, which could mean missing font. Are we able to change the font of GUI in the Clarisse Python script?


A quick test with python script. The bottom button shows three empty boxes instead of three Korean letters.
korean_test_01.png (11.99 KiB) Viewed 731 times
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Re: Displaying Non-English Text in Clarisse GUI

Unread postby anemoff » Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:19 pm


Using non-English text in Clarisse GUI works on Windows but not on Linux, at least on vanilla Centos 7. I haven't tested on macOS.
I believe it works out of box on Windows because we use the default Windows UI font, Segoe UI, which supports non-English characters.

Currently, the name of the fonts used by Clarisse are platform-specific and hardcoded in the app, so no it's not possible to customize them via Python (or in any other way).
However, I've successfully installed Korean fonts (Noto Sans KR) on my Centos 7 and made some changes in the application to display them.
So it is possible, but it needs more work to ensure it works correctly, and maybe add some Preferences to allow customization.

If you're curious about installing for Asian fonts (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Kannada, Hindi), you need to run this command:
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sudo yum groupinstall Fonts

I suggest you create a bug report (or even a Feature Request).

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