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Cell noise random color

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Cell noise random color

Unread postby Miroxs » Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:36 pm


New day, new question. This one puts me into trouble all the time.

Clarisse has some basic noise collection which can be more "rich", but there were many discussions about in the past. For now, I can get mostly everything that I want (usually with many nodes in uv inputs and red eyes). But one thing is impossible! Defining random color on cell noise patches. Randomize texture is nice, but only works with value change. But cell noise gets only flat value.. no random values for each point/patch. It will be super helpful, if there is possibility to do some value randomness or ID output as houdini has. For example create cell Color input that doesn't just put flat color on BG but color those patches as whole parts.  

Since I am using this node for generating many random effects as grass fields between forests etc. this will be a huge help. At least know some workaround for now. I really don't want baking noise like that into texture inside other applications.
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Re: Cell noise random color

Unread postby dboude » Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:43 am


Yes, it would definitively. You can use the feature tracker to log this "tweak" for the cellular noise.

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