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Adaptive Sampling and Lights

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Adaptive Sampling and Lights

Unread postby blazelet » Thu Nov 03, 2022 8:29 pm


I have inherited a shot done in Clarisse 4.5

There are a few area lights that are giving off quite a bit of noise, on closer inspection these lights are deriving their color from EXRs. When I remove the EXRs and replace with a constant, the render time drops about 30% and gets much cleaner, so I know these EXRs are contributing quiet a bit to the noise problems.

The issue I have is I can't change the look, so I need to figure out a way to make these EXR powered lights more optimal.

Right now we are sampling adaptively. My understanding with adaptive anti aliasing is that the material and light samples are reduced to 1/aa sample, unless oversampling is used? So right now oversampling is off, there's no way to bias more light samples towards these exr powered lights in this scenario?

If I were to turn oversampling on, it would start paying attention to the light sample values ... in which case it would make sense to keep the values for the lights that are clean at 1 and increase on the noisy lights until I get the cleanliness Im looking for?

Thanks for any input
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Re: Adaptive Sampling and Lights

Unread postby sam » Fri Dec 02, 2022 3:24 pm

Hi there,

Sorry, your post went off radar. I guess you have find out the solution by yourself by now. But yeah you are right, there is no easy way of doing this besides using shading oversampling, setting all others sampling values to a proper value (or just 1) and set the sample count of the light to a value greater than 1 according to the noise.

I'm clearly not happy with the way it is done today. This is the reason why we revamped all the sampling interface in Angie making it a lot simpler and more powerful at the same time.
Sam Assadian
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