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New Clarisse iFX 2.0 SP4!

Unread postPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:44 am
by support_team
Dear Clarisse users,

We're very pleased to release Clarisse iFX 2.0 SP4!
As usual, you can download this release from your “Download Area”.

What's new since Clarisse iFX 2.0 SP3

  • Fixed crash with CopyItemTo command when given item name is invalid.
  • Fixed possible crash when accessing a context in script.
  • Fixed a hang that could happen when viewing with the 3d view a very deep context tree.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when removing a layer and its reference layer.
  • Undoing the deletion of a Reference layer is now restoring the reference to the layer properly.
  • Prevent a crash that may happen on undoing 'add layer on an image' from the attribute editor.
  • Fixed issue on serialization on localized embedded objects, where embedded objects are not serialized.
  • Fixed crash when loading a project containing custom embedded objects.
  • Fixed crash on making local on an object or creating instance of an object while performing evaluation.

  • Fixed a bug in the OBJ file importer that was degrading the quality of UV maps.

  • Fixed the intensity of the environment light that was too high compared to other lights.
  • Fixed a bug in the dome light which was not computing correctly the shadows for volumes.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when putting as a clipmap a texture node that needs to evaluate lights (blinn, phong...)
  • Added the "Participating Media" mode to the utility texture node. This returns the accumulated opacity of media that are in front of the shaded fragment.

  • Fixed nodelocked licensing issues. If you have troubles starting 2.0SP4 with your already existing nodelocked license, please contact us

  • Fixed exposition of PyOfObject so a python collection OfObject can be displayed directly using python print function
  • New resolve_objects_shading functions in ShadingLayer that allow to get materials for a list of SceneObjects, out of a ShadingLayer.

Re: New Clarisse iFX 2.0 SP4!

Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:33 pm
by support_team
There was an issue with the API/SDK documentation provided with Clarisse binaries on all platforms. New files have been uploaded.

Please re-download 2.0 SP4 it if you've downloaded the binaries before July 24th 2015.

Sorry for the inconvenience,