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New Clarisse iFX 2.0 SP7!

Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:01 pm
by support_team
Dear Clarisse users,

We're very pleased to release Clarisse iFX 2.0 SP7!
As usual, you can download this release from your “Download Area”.

What's new since Clarisse iFX 2.0 SP6

  • Fixed a bug in rule driven groups: context renaming didn't update properly the referenced objects list. (#3139 )
  • CNode and CRender now listen to SIGTERM event on OSX and Linux to exit properly when requested. (#3664 )

  • Fixed a bug in the rendering of volumes that was causing fireflies to appear. (#3254 )
  • Fixed a bug with camera projections for which the motion blur was not computed correctly. (#3403 )
  • Fixed a bug with the lock sampling noise option of the raytracer that was causing the deep output to be saved always in the same file. (#3542 )
  • Fixed a bug with the camera projection mode of spatial textures for which the mipmapping was not working correctly. (#3655 )

  • Calling python dir() function on PyOfObject (python OfObject wrapper) will now return the right OfObject content. (#3202 )
  • Added the possibility to know the application version. ix.application.get_sdk_version() / get_sdk_version_name() / get_sdk_version_number(). (#3426 )

Image View
  • Fixed a crash in the ImageView when drag and dropping a context (#3335 )
  • Fixed a bug in the ImageView when emptying the Image History. (#3091 )
  • The render region tool behavior was inconsistent if disabled by clicking in the current region. (#3441 )

  • Fixed a bug in Alembic Point cloud evaluation: the geometry was disappearing because point positions were not loaded correctly. (#3263 )
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the generation of point clouds over combiners/scatterers containing subdivision meshes to be not deterministic. (#3266 )