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Get the most out of the Tablet

Get the most out of the Tablet

Unread postby xilofoton » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:57 pm

as an all time tablet user i miss from Clarisse and other softwares the highly valuable pressure sensitivity of the stylus. The only exception is the Flame. In that every value, every slider is pressure sensitive, so when you press your stylus gentle on a value, you can change it very precisely, but when you press it down harder it will be much more sensitive to your cursor movement. It is really useful, and the timeline does the same (at maximum pressure the playhead moves with the cursor, and if it is a 2 hour film you can grab it from the beginning to the end, then when you approach to your desired part, you can lower the pressure and it goes gradually to frame by frame navigation). I think firstly we don't need it for the timeline, because we don't use Clarisse to work on a full feature simultaneously... but for the other value sliders it should be very useful.

I think it can be useful for the colour values, when the user clicks and holds down on the color spot(and doesn't popups the picker), then as on an imagined colour wheel, the direction of the cursor's movement drives the hue of the change, the pressure is the multiplier of the rate of change. Clicking with modifier (ie. Shift) you can change the value (or lightness should be better). Clicking with other modifier (ie. Ctrl) it shifts the hue. Both with pressure multiplication too.

Finally i had a similar idea for the 3D navigation. When you press the stylus slightly, it moves gently but with full pressure you can access the whole scene extent with one scrub. In a huge scene it is very hard to navigate without this feature, ie the RMB dolly acts like there is an invisible wall at some point, and i cannot move beyond it, but sometimes it flies me through the details at the speed of the sound with one millimeter of cursor movement. With tumble it is simple, but with track and dolly the user should press down the stylus while the MMB or RMB is pressed to control the sensitivity with pressure.

While lot of people using tablets in the VFX industry, especially the matte painters, lookdev artists, it will be really useful to implement those features for us. I am not a programmer but i think that is not too hard to read out the pressure value from the tablet driver then use it as a multiplier for those i mentioned above.

All the best.
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