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Bounding box proxy display override

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Re: Bounding box proxy display override

Unread postby paq » Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:51 pm


To me a bbox drawing option would be welcome :oops: , not for performance purpose, but just to have a better scene visibility.

I know it might sounds 'heretic', but when dealing with dense scattering system, (ie. a forest), I barely can distinct anything in my view port ... it's just a polygon mess. Of course I appreciate the amazing navigation performance, but still, I can't distinct anything (particularity in simple shading / simple shading + wireframe mode).

So the only alternative is to simply disable the 3d view display visibility for this item.

A bbox display will be an in between mode, giving you some advantages compared to the complete hidden option :

1. You still have a feedback that the item is 'active' and ready to render
2. You can still select it in the 3d viewport.
3. It will potentially improve the overall scene readability in the 3d view.

That's said, I can live without this option too 8-)
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