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OCIO and Use Color Space Mapping On Save [Daedalus]

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OCIO and Use Color Space Mapping On Save [Daedalus]

Unread postby xilofoton » Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:27 pm


In 3.0 saving an image from image view with a linear encoded file like exr, it used no LUT and using a gamma encoded format like PNG it used the actual LUT of the view which was nice. Now with the Use Color Space Mapping On Save option which is on by default, I get an error message:
Unable to configure a color converter: the `sRGB` destination color space does not exist.

When I switch on the mapping option off, it works fine as previously. It is a bit confusing that it is switched off but burns the actual LUT into the image.

I think these options in Color Management section would be useful like:
Viewer Saving Color Space - Non Linear Files:
- Viewer actual LUT (default)
- linear
- other OCIO options...
Viewer Saving Color Space - Linear/Floating Point Files:
- No LUT
- linear options... (for ACES: ACEScg, ACES2065-1 etc to convert the primaries)
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Re: OCIO and Use Color Space Mapping On Save [Daedalus]

Unread postby isoyann » Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:45 pm


You want to use the "use Color space mapping" without the needed LUT.. it is normal to get this error message. It is logical to use color mapping with low dynamic range 8 bit format like PNG.. saving a linear image to a 8 bit format completely destroy the image, this is why it is on by default.
The options you want are totally driven by the OCIO config file.. this is how OCIO is designed... what you want is an alternative color management system. Currently this is not planned.. if you use OCIO, make sure you use a complete config file, covering all the needed color transforms.


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