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Clarisse Is Officially My New Girlfriend!!!

Clarisse Is Officially My New Girlfriend!!!

Unread postby heart20 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:44 am

hi Isotropix team,
I have a few questions and suggestions...
is there any chance we die hard Clarisse fans and users
will see a Mocap system such as "f-clone" "faceshift" exc
integrated in the animation pipeline of this game changing software anytime soon?
As a cg artist and fan of you guy's work, I feel it would be perfect for Clarisse’s uniqueness, on top of its powerful and fast real time result characteristics.
the ability to quickly drop traditional methods such as “key framing” which is tedious and create facial animation directly inside of Clarisse in a fast, quick, fun and creative way using facial mocap system would be awesome for both fans, users and the software’s global theme of "no, Clarisse is not another render engine" which I believe strongly it is not as well.

personally Clarisse has been the dream software I have been looking for for a long time to be created. A software which can easily support my massive ideas for visualization, works in look-dev, animation, conceptualization exc or just simply my playground for experimentation.
With me being among many who has a Huge appetite for high polygon counts for the sake of creativity, not having to have too compromise its density is key in this case.
Moving and assigning lights in the viewport while pre-viz is enable with ease and at real-time is mind-blowing!
I believe the future of "infinite polygons capacity" in viewport for the purpose of creating and simulating
whole world’s complex networks, look-dev and functionality, animations along with beautiful outputs with the powerful raytrace render only can be achieve by how you guys when about making your framework.
also the “vertex color map” is extremely helpful and is my style. I never liked the "stone age" uv(ing) process and with this node it made it very easy to transfer and preserve my creative poly painting.
I am hoping in the future we will see new features to this node such as being able to also save and transfer the “BPR” materials painted on the model.

Ayways, love you guys work!
your team's drive in wanting to bring creative change to
the CGI world (which is definitely needed), while putting the power back in our hands
as a cg artist is very encouraging. Again thank you and keep up the futuristic work. I really believe Clarisse is, and will soon be deemed one of the greatest of its alienated kind.

"like a father seeing his child great potential way before the child is fully developed into his or her greatness":
I see as a true fan what Clarisse is and will be in its growing stages of becoming one of
the greatest leaders of “Go-Too tools” for CG artists, loved and adored and used on a day-to-day basis.

when reading your articles on how Clarisse was developed and how you say a "new innovation is hard to describe" I instantly said to myself "no its not...not to me it isn’t". In my confidence of finding the long awaited tool of my dreams I knew exactly what Clarisse is and was for me:
what is Clarisse?
the re-constructor of cg artistry with blueprint accuracy. “
Just how you, the artist envisioned it from start to finish in all creative fazes with powerfully interactivity. helping you, the artist to never miss a moment of your futuristic world finally coming true right before your very eyes.)
Clarisse is CGI’s first: virtual, (I)nteractive, (F)uture, (S)imulator! (S)oftware (V.I.F.S.s)
Willing the power to actually reconstruct one’s creative visions, thoughts, ideas, in forms of desired artistry while beautifully rendering its environmental future and simulate it reality light years ahead of our time to the world so effectively we, the people believe the visual output is the reality to come.

But here is a quick overview of features I would
for sure love to see in later versions of Clarisse if possible:
-upgrade to the vertex color map
-more improvement on the render engine
-infinite polygon viewport
-a powerful “live per-viz playback player” of the selected scene constructed in Clarisse by the artists.
-facial Mocap integration (f-clone, faceshift exc)
-a Massive material library of 8k-16k drag-and drop texture of all needed categories! designed by Clarisse (This is big and never been done before!) these drag-and-drop presets will be perfect. like "key-shot, substance painter exc" but only created from the new alshaders standard! For quicker result of game changing look-developments.
-export option to "Artstation" for look developer to display and showcase their art on their local Art station page.
-signature watermark stamp option on artist’s artwork when exporting it out into Artstation to advertise the choice software used for their final look-dev render. (this idea is like "tool bag 3" but using "isotropix's cool logo")
-sound playback inside of viewport! for a more engaging and interactive real-time experience preview.
-texture projection feature that paint on your 3d model for quick fixes you might have missed in your choice painting application before bringing it to Clarisse.
-standard game controller input as a choice for the artist to interacting with their live playback scene to test out its world’s environment.

As you can see my idea is to never leave Clarisse after I have finalized my 3d models in Zbrush or any other 3d app for modeling.

Again thank you for listening...and we are looking forward into seeing this powerhouse software greatness unleash in the coming future. Clarisse for president!
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