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A more robust color picker with some analysis tools

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A more robust color picker with some analysis tools

Unread postby jlmcvay » Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:02 am

The current color picker tool is quite minimal, just like in most 3D applications. It would be very useful to have a more robust color picker tool.

The color picker should have enough tools to keep us from having to open up Nuke to check and adjust our colors. Here is my wish list:

    The color picker should be able to sample any pixels in Clarisse whether they are from a render or image file or both at the same time.

    User defined sample area to find average color. Drag a box in the gui to define the area and then be able to move that box around.

    Sample box should be an object that can be animated with any of the animation tools.

    Sample box can be set to sample over a range of frames and store the data.

    Display a graph over time of the colors from the sample area. Apply that graph as an animation curve in any animatable parameter in Clarisse.

    The color picker should display information for two selected color areas at the same time.

    The color picker should display the result of a math operation on the two samples. Have a drop down list of math operations or a slot for user defined math operations. At a minimum find the difference and/or sum of the two samples. The result to be displayed as a third color swatch with RGB/HSB value parameters.

    User can save/load their own color palettes. Import of color palettes from Photoshop a plus.
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Re: A more robust color picker with some analysis tools

Unread postby Fueye » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:57 pm

+1 for more advancet color picker, for instance the "Jovian Color Picker" included in Lightwave.

"Pick from Image" and "Pick from Screen" are very, very usefull for Lookdevelopment and Lighting/Shading
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Re: A more robust color picker with some analysis tools

Unread postby atnreg » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:13 am

Sadly Jovian is not available anymore but any similar or any advanced color picker is needed.
I just noticed that Clarisse's native color picker cannot even pick color from screen or image, can that be true?
I really hope I (or manual) is missing something and there is some keyboard shortcut to at least that.

Clarisse is absolutely amazing and I couldn't imagine life without it anymore but there are some surprisingly basic things that seem to have missed in Clarisse design and development, this being one of them :)

Please help :)

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