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Trackmania meets Tron a.k.a Overkill V3

Unread postPosted: Fri May 07, 2021 8:00 pm
by Kramon
Hey soooo from time to time i try to push my skills as much as possible and also pushing what my hardware can do.. and what soft can do...
In 2019 i have done 2 big projects.. 1 was doing destroyed city where each building was build from high poly brick by brick... and 2nd project was.. building huge forest, where each tree have 3D fully modeled needles.. and some tanks with nice details.

so this... time...

we have new hardware with is... 32GB ram! compared to 16GB on last project... But most importantly... We have now Clarisse 5.0 that allows u to render geo lights efficiently so technicly u can scatter lights... And that means i can do project that i had in my head for really long time with is...

Trackmania mixed with Tron. i allways wanted to do Neon city like tokyo... but a lot of people do this.. with textures even in eevee... however i want to do it... fully detailed... properly.. and keep as much glass objects as possible basically going Tron a lot. The twist is that not many people kno.. but long time go i played trackmania for few years... So we are mixing 2 stuff toghether. To visualise what i am trying to do just see mood board.

ScreenShot03.png (368.67 KiB) Viewed 2415 times


We will Start probably with Blockout of whole sceen in Blender i want to make whole animation a loop. So that will be the start.. Later we will have to think cleverly how we can instance whole thing. as much as it is possible.. we are talking about instacing on top of instancing (see my old projects)... and how to segment race track. in to repetetive elements that don't look repetetive.. Once we have that we will start pushing detail in Houdini and procedural skills.. and some cool animations.

Ofc during all of this we will go to Clarisse to develop shaders at the same time. Also a lot of concepting in terms of shadeing will be done in blender.

So keep fingers crossed. :3